New project πŸ€”πŸ˜™

It’s going to be a hectic month for us. I am so excited for our new project. What is it? Can’t tell you just yet! Wait and see…

But before I sign off, a clue:

That lil boy there yang volunteer nak jadi model okay, and he is definitely not part of the clue πŸ˜‚

I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Tak pasal-pasal tiba-tiba ada clue pulak. πŸ™Š

Got loads of werk to do.

So I’d better sign off r.i.g.h.t.n.o.w!!!


TEA Bags coming soon. Yeah, baby!

Let me tell you something, our TEA Bags are really popular. I’m totally biased, I know but they really are! And we purposely have them neatly folded and lined up near the counter so every customer who picks out a telekung and wait at the cashier would see the bags and go goo goo gaa gaa over them and get one. Or two. Or five. I’ve actually seen someone get seven! And I’m not even usually at the store. Seee…now you believe me!

So I was kinda devastated and my heart was torn to pieces (#dramaqueen) when the TEA Bags sold out. Again.

Well, worry no more, Areej, for it is just a matter of time (couple of days actually) that we will restock those TEA Bags! #excited

See, I actually took a gambar curi of our new member of team sewing on the golden tags to a new TEA Bag. Yes, the tags are sewn onto the bags one by one. Very carefully and kemas, I tell you! #proudofmyteam

Why is the picture in monochrome, you ask? Hey, nanti tak surprise la! I will reveal all the colours soon.

Throwback: TEA Kids photoshoot for Metro

I was scrolling though my photo gallery, and then I found this — a newspaper cutting of Telekung TEA (or ‘Era Alem’ as it then was) in Mode Mega Harian Metro quite a while ago. Terus tersenyum tengok muka budak-budak kecik tu. – they are so CUTE! Rasa nak cubit kan?

There they are the three kids. My daughter Wafa (she’s in Grade 1 now, so seeing this photo makes me wanna cry #emotionalmommy Coz she so small back then!), and her friends Alma and Alya.

Ni rasa macam nak shoot telekung for kids again. Should we?



Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Salam to all telekung lovers out there! I know you’re a telekung lover or else you won’t be reading this blog! πŸ˜€

Selamat hari raya to you and happy holidays. We will reopen on Tuesday 5 August 2017. Until then, bye!

TEA Photoshoot for the AURELIA

A few days ago we had a studio photoshoot for the Aurelia telekung from the TEA Premium line. I know! We keep having to restock the Aurelia because of the overwhelming demand. At one point of time, I thought hey, let’s just discontinue the Aurelia. Mesti orang dah getting bored with this design.

But the demand we got from customers suruh restock juga, tak sempat grab all colours, nak buat hantaran kawin, nak bagi dekat mak. And because of that, we decided to restock again. Maybe just until the end of the year. So cepat-cepat ye dearies, before it gets discontinued.

Available in many colours at

Just in: New gift boxes!

Our new gift box in black and light pink. My favourite colour combo. For now, that is! 😝

Since we do gift telekungs, it is just essential that we have all the little things that make a gift. For instance, gift boxes, fancy paper bags, ribbons, tags and gift cards. Our aim is to present the perfect gift. Everytime.Β Hey, that sounds so much like our tagline.Β (It is! πŸ˜’).

So before we started out raya sales the month before Ramadan this year, we made sure we had more than enough gift boxes for the telekungs to be sold throughout Ramadan. BUT, what happened was so unexpected. The response to our raya campaign was so overwhelming! Customers ordered online, came to buy in stores — more than what we expected. What surprised us even more was the fact that apart from the regular customers and those who have already bought from us, we received soooo many new customers! Alhamdulillah.Β Rezki bulan puasa.

And, yeah, you guessed it. We ran out of gift boxes! And with the raya holidays and all, new gift boxes only arrived a week ago.

We truly apologise to everyone who got their Telekung TEA without gift boxes. But now that they are here (new colours and designs too!) you are most welcome to drop by and get them!

These are the two designs for the new TEA gift boxes. Black with light pink. And tiffany. The base of the tiffany one is supposed to be a hot pink. But I guessed I mismatched them. Silly me! πŸ˜…

Just In: The OMRA telekung for the hajjah-to-be

Your bff is going for hajj this year! Alhamdulillah. She is so blessed. And you feel so happy for her. You plan on taking a couple of days annual leave to send her off before she leaves for the holy city. Of course you want to give her something special. Something she could use when performing the hajj. Something to make her feel pleasant and comfortable.

And that something is right here at Telekung TEA. Just arrived in stores at TEA Prima Gombak and Kuala Terengganu: the OMRA telekung.

Featuring a telekung top only (without sarong), which is shorter than the regular telekung. The OMRA is purposely made this way so as to ensure easy movement when performing the hajj. Wear it over your abaya, or even over some ihram trousers and you are good to go! The length of the telekung top is justΒ ngam ngamΒ with your fingers so it is the perfect length.

Crafted from our signature rosella premium fabric to ensure you always feel cool with the OMRA. And of course, not forgetting our signature special smocking non-elasticated headband — again, to ensure utmost comfort when performing the hajj.

If you are going for hajj soon, or know someone who is, the this is the perfect gift, Get one (or two, or three, or four) with a complimentary gift card with personalised gift message. Get it gift wrapped in the exclusive TEA gift boxes too!

Available in eight (yes, eight!!!) yummy colours!

Feature in Harian Metro

The minute I flipped through the pages of Harian Metro that day, I gasped as I saw this makcik in bright green taking up more than half the page. It was me!

And the next two pages were filled with so many pictures of colourful telekungs and of course a beautiful write up. Thank you, Harian Metro!